mela_pheebs (mela_pheebs) wrote in 4realredheads,

Hello I am new!

my name is melissa but please call me mela. I am 22 and live in MI. I am the only redhead in my family! I am going to college to be a Nurse, got awhile to go yet, but I love school. Here is some pics of my hair!

I was bored so I took these pics today actually I should have been studying!

lol oh the random things you can do while bored! I have many more, but dont want to bore anyone haha oh but heres some of me when I was a wee one

(if you cant tell I really loved cats when I was little, and I still do of course lol) 
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Welcome to you! And to your hair :-)
Great shade of red!

... and you're cute too!!
LOL we have a lot in common. I'm the only redhead in my family, I live in MI, and I'm a nurse.
lol interesting....I also love Harry Potter, Hockey, south park, lord of the rings, etc. Great minds think alike? haha I added you! Oh and thanks to the above comments too!