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le starboard

Hi. I'm in some other redhead community too, but I found this and thought I would post a couple pics and say Hi, since lately I've really been feeling the redhead-pride. Somebody recently called me a "fuckin mick" and I dunno, i've never been called that before.. i guess it's a derogatory term, but for some reason I felt a surge of pride. It's nice to have an identity.

 I used to hate my hair as a kid. I would bleach the color out and dye it pink or orange or blue or green. And people would say "i can't believe you would ruin such beautiful hair! do you realize how lucky you are!" and I didn't really get it.. but now that I'm older I get it. We are so lucky to be redheaded! I mean we're our own damn race practically. And the sun is our enemy.

Some pics of myself and my half-moon conure Toby, taken just last night. Some days actually, i really hate this bird. But mostly I love him. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to own a damned conure, they're a freaking mess.  But we get along for the most part... we take showers together.. how creepy is that?

at a party with a good friend. If you can't tell.. that is Calvin and Hobbes inked into my arm.. haha.. ahh..

I'm not so pretty when I'm at work! (I'm in the Navy... yikes..)

I really like this pic.. i was in a bar in Louisville, KY whilst on detachment with my squadron.... good times.. good times.

Wow.. i look mean? That is a huge empty bottle of everclear on the fridge top, haha.

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