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For PROUD RedHeads!
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Read the rules before join
How this community works:

This is a community for the gingers of the world <3
You have to love them, you have to be one...

if you feel offended, just leave

- All types of red heads are allowed!
- You have to be Proud of couse ;)
- Some people's hair looks darker in a photo, thats Ok, but try to post good pictures plz!
- You can join too if you hair isnt red, but your post have to be about "RED HAIR"

2)Posting Rules:

- You can post whatever you want; images, photos, cartoons, illustrations, stories, articles, links.
- Posting more than 1 image by using the LJ cut, and if the image(thumbnail)
if its bigger than 400x600 you MUST have to use the LJ cut (more
- Dont Spam, cry, or fight; do that and you will be banned.
- DONT POST ANOTHER COMUNITTY PROPAGANDA, and more if it doesnt have to do with REDHEADS (like Britney Spears FANS, and ¿Are you sensual?)
- Nude/Strong pictures please post them on a LJ cut and members only
- If you dont like what you see, just GO!