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So Many REDHEADS at one party!!! [29 Nov 2010|12:49pm]

[ mood | amused ]


This was actually a failed project to try and get the Gingers to breed. All they did was drink a bunch of beer and whiskey instead. Hhmmm...What does that say about those in possession of Ginger Gene? ;oP

I am the one in the bottom left corner, and my partner is the one with the huge red 'fro & beard!

And yes, we get asked by people (even complete strangers) if we plan on breeding all the time LOL!

x-posted m'dears!
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Britain's Got Talent...Audition! [18 Nov 2010|11:16pm]

Hi guys!

Haven't been on here for a while! I've been given an audition for Britain's Got Talent, and thinking about going for it, but thought you guys may be able to give me some comments!

Here is a link to a recording i've made :)


Any constructive feedback or song suggestions welcome, i've just never had singing lessons or done this before so it's a bit new to me! Just hope you enjoy it! 
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[10 May 2009|11:31pm]

first post, be kindCollapse )
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Hello I am new! [14 Apr 2009|09:27pm]

my name is melissa but please call me mela. I am 22 and live in MI. I am the only redhead in my family! I am going to college to be a Nurse, got awhile to go yet, but I love school. Here is some pics of my hair!

pics of me!Collapse )
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Dancing Redhead! [11 Mar 2009|07:44pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Someone found a photo of me from EarthDance 2008 in Vancouver, BC and sent it to me. later the photographer of said photo sent me an email with two more pictures he had taken from EarthDance 2007 the Summer before that. I thought I would share them here with all you lovelies!

Blue Naiads Dance in Delight with the Green Earth (beneath the cut)!!!Collapse )
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x-posted [08 Dec 2008|02:25pm]

time for another post!
what i've been up toCollapse )
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International Kick a Ginger Day :( [26 Nov 2008|09:23pm]

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Into The Woods! [29 Oct 2008|01:53pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I really love living in British Columbia. Even though the Autumn colours are nothing like Ontario (where I grew up) nothing can beat the old growth forests, mountains and ocean I call my back yard now!

Took some pictures with a friend of mine who was visiting my Vancouver home from Toronto and I took him and his lady to one of my favourite parks in the city... and he took a lot of pictures of this redhead frolicking in forest!

From A Little Golden Autumn Sunshine...Collapse )

Thanks for looking my lovelies! Happy Autumn to you all!

x-posted m'dears!
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A redheaded-themed idea.. [26 Sep 2008|01:51am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi folks.

I'm awake late, so I thought I'd share photo or two. Since we redheads are so fiery, I thought it might be appropriate to include my new phoenix in the set. She's a redhead, too! It's a tattoo, so if that bugs ya, you might not wanna look.

Wanna see?Collapse )


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Why hallo thar redheads! [13 Sep 2008|04:35am]

Hey there I'm new here.

Since this is a nice little community of us red-heads, let me ask you... Don't you hate it when people who you meet for the first time, like in a bar, say stuff like "Ooooh you are a redhead! You must be so fiery and passionate and hot-tempered wink wink" and you want to take that bottle of Corona on the table and shove it up their ass and then break it while it's in there but you don't because that will just further prove their point?

Yeah me neither.

/end rant

So after this wonderful introduction, here's a bit of cam-whoring.

Enjoy...Collapse )

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yo yo yo [06 Sep 2008|02:50pm]

Hey you lovely red heads.
i've realized its been along time since i've posted!

my summer/baby photos!Collapse )
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Back from my European Tour! [26 Aug 2008|12:12pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I have been so absent these past four months, but I have a good excuse!

I was touring and backpacking around Europe and the UK since May and upon my return here in beautiful British Columbia I have been still been traveling about my province hitting up music festivals, climbing mountains and visiting old friends while making new ones along my way!

I also plan on hitchhiking it down the West Coast of North America this September. I shall start in BC then make my way down Washington, into Oregon and then to California. If anyone of you glorious people know of any free camping spots, cheep hostels or have a backyard this crazy Canadian redhead can pitch her tent in for a few nights- let me know!

I took TONS of photos while on my European Adventures and have chosen a few select ones from each country to share with you all! I hope all of you have been enjoying your Summer and not getting to burnt in the sun!

Crazy Nomadic Canadian Redhead VS Europe... Round ONE!Collapse )

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New Photos [23 Aug 2008|01:16am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello All,
I haven't posted in a while, I've been very busy. I just got married in June so I have some nice pictures from that. Also, I cut all my hair off!! I donated 16 inches from about my shoulders and then cut more to style. Never had my hair this short before, I like it so far. Def different.
My grandmother/boss whom I see everyday hates it and keeps asking me how long til it grows out. I kinda thought about keeping it for a while.
What do you think? Short or long?
Read more...Collapse )

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Not so red hair. [19 Aug 2008|11:16pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello Everyone =)
I just joined and though I would post!

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Red Goatee! [06 Aug 2008|01:32pm]

 Hi guys - i'm new here, and i'm a red head and proud!

Well i've been sporting a type of goatee for a little while...(yes I know I probably look like an idiot!) but actually wanted some views on facial hair and what people think looks good!

You see so many weird and wonderful designs going on - I mean some you think are ridiculous, like little tufts of hair on the chin or something, but thought it'd be good to hear some views!

So I've recorded a Vlog entry on the matter so you can see for yourself...


And let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoy it and looking forward to hearing comments :-)

PS...I also made a video about being ginger...if anyone is interested :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvkIuyTqiy0
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Redheads versus Blondes [04 Aug 2008|12:39am]

[ mood | rejected ]

Tonight, I was listening to a friend's podcast on movies based on comic books. It was a great podcast, I thought, until he brought up Nicole Kidman. He said that he never liked her with red hair, but when she was a blonde, wow. That was the first time he thought she looked hot. Then he made some male noise indicating her blonde hotness.

For some reason, that just ran all over me. I asked him about it, and he said that he only meant it about her, but still... it bothered me.

I think it goes back to being a little redheaded girl who got teased all the time, and then there were the blonde girls who were automatically beautiful just for being blonde. I know it's ridiculously silly, but I used to walk around with a yellow towel on my head at home and wish I were blonde instead of cursed with this red, curly mess.

Then, sometime around my late teens, redheadedness became cool.

As an adult, I feel blessed to have red hair, and I enjoy it. I also realize everyone is entitled to their own preferences, but this still hurt my feelings.

I know my friend didn't mean anything by his comment, and I'm sure he did only mean it in reference to Nicole Kidman, but it just frustrates me that I often feel sidelined as a redhead.

I guess I'm looking for some commiseration. Does anyone else ever feel like this?


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old pics! [21 May 2008|03:32am]

[ mood | drained ]


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Goddess [11 May 2008|05:09am]

[ mood | negligible ]


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[08 Mar 2008|08:14pm]

Hi. I'm in some other redhead community too, but I found this and thought I would post a couple pics and say Hi, since lately I've really been feeling the redhead-pride. Somebody recently called me a "fuckin mick" and I dunno, i've never been called that before.. i guess it's a derogatory term, but for some reason I felt a surge of pride. It's nice to have an identity.

 I used to hate my hair as a kid. I would bleach the color out and dye it pink or orange or blue or green. And people would say "i can't believe you would ruin such beautiful hair! do you realize how lucky you are!" and I didn't really get it.. but now that I'm older I get it. We are so lucky to be redheaded! I mean we're our own damn race practically. And the sun is our enemy.

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A New Hairdo and My First Tattoos! [27 Feb 2008|10:20am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

This weekend I made a lot of changes to my appearance! I got my hair cut shorter than it has been in twelve years and I also got my first tattoos!

And now I want to share it with you!Collapse )

x-posted a wee bit m'dears! xoxo
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